October Deaths

It was 20 years today that my father died. I wrote a nice story about him and you can find it at https://www.jackie.ps/1927.html

It was one year ago today that my mother-in-law died. She was the glue in an ordinary Dutch family that is since falling away from some central obligation.

It was 30 days ago today that Thompson died. As a feline, and for all of you who had cats long-term at home, his demise left an empty space in Amsterdam that is difficult to describe.

It is 24 hours ago today now that my locally famous ex-husband threw himself off a roof landing broken in all places held together by bruised skin, the result of depression, of having cried wolf too often, and of thinking he might bounce.

It will be 24 hours tomorrow that Steve Jobs lost it. Quite shocking and a bit like George Harrison and Linda McCartney: that money can’t buy you life.

And in two weeks, Moammer will be caught, thrown around, tarred and feathered, and then probably shot for fun.



October 2011


© J. Lubeck